Practical Prefabricated House
Completed Projects
Contracting and pledges
Contracting and pledges
Panels Projects
Rod, Air, Maritime Line, Transportation
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     The manufacturing and marketing the Turkish products with the international specifications

Cabinets from the fiberglass.
The prefabricated houses and caravans.
All kinds of various layers (sandwich the panel) and kinds of cellings and walls.
The ordinary and cold stores.
The modern kitchens, doors and windows (wood and aluminium) "PVC")
Profiles and panels with all its kinds (iron and aluminum)
All grounds (ceramic, marble, wood panels, coating "PVC"
The buildings isolation in all its kinds.
All kinds of cables and all electrical and lighting requirements.
Paints (varnishings) for all purposes
To import all kinds of furniture (wood, metal).


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